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Wednesday, 3 April 2013


 This is the family of the founding father of the Nation. Our research revealed that the family owns land equal to the whole of Nyanza Province. The Family has invested in Agriculture, Banking, Tourism, Mining, Transport, Energy, Real Estate, Telecommunication and Insurance.
Like Total Man Kenyatta Family has the Biggest Insurance Company in Germany. That’s not all the family Jewellery Shops in France, Modern properties in Britain and U.S.A. don’t forget Brookside plus many more. More sources reveals that the family are worth Ksh. 130 billion plus.


He was former President Moi’s personal Assistant. Mr. Kulei owns Trade World Kenya, CFC Bank, CMC Holdings, Sian roses and Ngata Flower Farm. He also has interests in Bamburi Cement, Kenya Television Network, National Milling Company, Kenya Aerotech Ltd, Signon Freight and National Milling Corporation.
You are wondering isn’t the man is still mentioned in Athi River, Heritage. All Insurance Company, Standard newspaper, NIC Bank, Transnational Bank, Kobil and Kenol Petroleum, Rai Plywood of Eldoret where they partnered with Moi and Nairobi Airport Services(NAS).
Reports shows that Mr. Kulei owns palatial residences in up market London “Where his children have always attended school”. He has property in Lavington, Karen and Nakuru.


He is the 5th richest man in Kenya. He started as a charcoal seller, then opened up a restaurant and has risen to be counted in a class of billionaires. We discovered that this man from Kiambu has invested in Agriculture, Real Estate, Banking, Tourism and Insurance. He is approximately to be worth Ksh. 120 billion plus.


The family is considered to be the family with well spread out assets. The Family has invested in Agriculture, Industry, Transport, Banking, Insurance, Air Transport and Real Estate. The family is worth Ksh. 118 billion plus and it’s the 6th richest family in Kenya.


This man from Kisii is the 7th richest person in Kenya. He started a small bakery and through sansora holdings he has minted billions. He has invested in Agriculture, Industry, Insurance (Kenindia) , Banking, Real Estate, Transport and Telecommunication. He has the biggest ranch in Australia, Tea Farm in Zimbabwe and South Africa. He is worth 115 billion plus.


He is the 8th richest person in Kenya. He has invested in Industry, Insurance, Transport, Banking, Real Estate and Telecommunication. He is worth 114 billion plus.

He is the 9th richest person in Kenya. Mr. S.K. Macharia has invested in telecommunication, Banking, Agriculture, Transport, Insurance and Real Estate. He is worth Ksh.112 billion plus.


The current president of Kenya is in the 10th position. The MP. Of Othaya has invested in Tourism, Banking, Real Estate, Agriculture, Insurance and Telecommunication. He is approximately to be worth KSH. 110 billion plus. He is the 3rd in the land ownership in Kenya.