A dream doesn't become reality through magic. It takes sweat, determination and hard work.

Sunday, 26 May 2013


LUHYA WOMEN; they are good at keeping a home. they are very hardworking infact, they don’t get tired ANYWHERE.and they are very good cooks. and they have respect and submission.

BUT!!! gossiping??!!! eyi yawa these women gossip thooo! yaani they are the ones who start and sustain stories with neighbours. they know all the breaking news in the neighborhood. they know the newest neighbours and what should be known bout them. they are the eyewitnesses to everything.

KIKUYU WOMEN; they have a beautiful face-best structure, rangi ya pesa, good height, great company etc

LAKINI!!! they have a waist which has ghorofa including a balcony. their rear end lacks tyranny of numbers yaani in simple language hawana matako. sometimes meno yao huwa na ish ish. halafu these women and money are like mluhya na ugali, tight! finally, be careful whenever you go to sleep, resolve all issues with her before you retire to bed ama utaamka with some parts of your body missing…

KALENJIN WOMEN; tall, dark and handsome, sorry, beautiful! she is a gold mine! if you get this one, you will never be poor ever in your life! she is a walking bag of millions yawa! encourage her to go to daegu or japan or somewhere where people are running and you will never be disappointed financially! LAKINI!!! she has figure one-sema kijiti. if she is standing on a wall you might think there is a crack on a wall…

KAMBA WOMEN; you must be a powerhouse in bed. rounds eh eh in the bedroom. then she doesnt talk much. generally she is okay but her relatives, thoooo! be careful with her relatives. hope and pray none of them comes from kitui as their threats seem to suggest.

KISII WOMEN; beautiful and respectful, BUT!! their mouths are never shut, not only with your neighbors, but also with you-you don’t need a radio with her. the only time she is quiet is when she is talking!

LUO WOMEN; sema matako, sema swagga, sema tuso, sema masomo, sema kamongo LAKINI!! sema affirmative action, sema debate kwa nyumba, sema pride, sema ego, sema maringo, respect ya mwanamume unaskia tu vile obamaanaskia kenya!