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Thursday, 30 June 2016

travellers to Kenya of air attacks and other terror threats


Thursday's warning acknowledges that “thousands of US citizens travel to Kenya without incident.”


Al-Shabaab fighters undergoing training at a camp in southern Somalia. The warning further cites a US embassy recommendation that US citizens should visit Mombasa's Old Town only during daylight hours and avoid using the Likoni ferry “due to safety concerns.” FILE PHOTO | NATION MEDIA GROUP 

The warning further cites a US embassy recommendation that US citizens should visit Mombasa's Old Town only during daylight hours and avoid using the Likoni ferry “due to safety concerns.”

The new notice also includes a reference to an updated advisory to US air operators concerning possible attacks with ground-launched missiles.

This Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) “Notice to Airmen for Kenyan airspace” warns of “the potential for terrorist attack against US and Western interests.”

Specific information is not available, the FAA notice says, but “one possible tactic would be an attack using man-portable air defence systems (Manpads).”

Such an attack was attempted in 2002 against an Israeli air carrier taking off from Mombasa, the FAA notice adds.


Background information published by the FAA last February says “Al-Shabaab possesses the capability and intent to utilise weapons, including Manpads” as well as mortars, rockets and small arms that could target aircraft on the ground and during take-off and landing. Some Manpads may reach an altitude of 25,000 feet, the FAA warns.


The State Department's new travel warning comes at a time when Kenya's tourism industry is striving to persuade potential visitors that the country is safe to visit.

The tourism sector is reeling from the fallout of a series of terror attacks by Shabaab in the past two years.

Thursday's warning does acknowledge that “thousands of US citizens travel to Kenya without incident.”

In addition to avoiding the popular tourist destination of Lamu, the State Department is urging US citizens not to travel to Tana River County and to the part of Kilifi County north of Malindi.

Terror attacks by Al-Shabaab should not be the only potential source of concern for US citizens considering travel to Kenya, the State Department suggests.

“Violent and sometimes fatal crimes, including armed carjacking, grenade attacks, home invasions and burglaries and kidnappings, can occur at any time and in any location, including Nairobi,” the warning states. “US citizens and US Embassy employees have been victims of such crimes in the past.”

(Editing by Basillioh Mutahi)

Jubilee wants to put off 2017 election: Raila

ODM leader denies claim that he is interested in a power-sharing deal if IEBC talks are not concluded in good time.


From left: Cord leaders Moses Wetung'ula, Kalonzo Musyoka and Raila Odinga at the Panari Hotel in Nairobi on June 30, 2016 at the launch of Mr Musyoka's website. PHOTO | JEFF ANGOTE | NATION MEDIA GROUP 


Cord leader Raila Odinga on Thursday accused the Jubilee coalition of plotting to use the debate on reforming the electoral commission to prolong its stay in power beyond August, 2017.

In an interview with the Nation, Mr Odinga said that the Opposition would not allow Jubilee to extend the life of the current Parliament to December, 2017.

“We don’t want to go there. We have calculated well enough to know that the next elections can be held as stipulated in the Constitution,” he said.

However, he also said that even if the General Election were to be delayed by “three or four” months, Cord would still not be interested in sharing power as its leaders would be busy rallying Kenyans to vote out Jubilee.

“The country will be in a campaign mood and no one will be interested in joining a government in its last months. We don’t want to share power,” Mr Odinga said.

He spoke on the same day that the Opposition picked its seventh member to the parliamentary team that will spearhead talks to reform the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC).

Cord resolved an internal dispute by retaining Kakamega Senator Boni Khalwale.

Dr Khalwale’s inclusion had caused disagreement within the Opposition, with members of Mr Odinga’s ODM reported to have demanded his replacement with a woman, preferably Ms Florence Mutua, the Busia Woman Representative.

Dr Khalwale is a member of the United Democratic Front, which is allied to Jubilee. However, he is himself allied to Cord.

Some members of ODM were unhappy with the manner in which Dr Khalwale was nominated.

After the dispute was resolved the 14 names of the members of the select committee on the electoral changes were tabled in both the National Assembly and the Senate simultaneously through a Motion that will be debated in both Houses on Tuesday.

National Assembly Majority Leader Aden Duale told his colleagues that following Dr Khalwale’s nomination, the Motion to set up the committee would be given priority when the House resumes on Tuesday afternoon.

“Of great importance will be the Motion on the joint select committee to look into matters of the IEBC,” he said as he gave the schedule of activities for next week.

Deputy Minority Leader Jakoyo Midiwo also said that he had signed the Motion.

“We are going to start the discussions once it is approved by the House next week,” he said.

Jubilee MPs, among them Mr Duale, have claimed that Cord was using the push for dialogue on IEBC to find its way into the government.

The MPs said that given the short period to the next elections, the country might have to postpone the 2017 elections, which would necessitate an interim period. According to them, Cord intends to use this to demand to share power with Jubilee.

On Thursday, however, Mr Odinga denied the claims and said there was enough time for the IEBC to be reconstituted and for the new team to prepare to supervise the 2017 elections as provided for in the Constitution.

According to him, if a new team is in office by August, it will only need six months to prepare for the next elections. The new commissioners will need two months to familiarise themselves with the job, another two months to carry out voter registration, a month to prepare the voters’ register, and one more month for the inspection of the register.

“We are not talking about doing a PhD; we are talking about managing an election. A maximum of six months is required if we have a new IEBC in place by August,” he said.

He denied that Cord was interested in sharing power with Jubilee should the electoral reforms process take longer than expected.

“Who is interested in a nusu-mkate (half-a-loaf-of-bread) affair?” he asked. “How can you say that the Cord coalition wants to share power?”

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

MERKEL'S WORST NIGHTMARE: Germany calls for Referendum as 'people want to be free of EU

BELEAGUERED Angela Merkel is facing calls for a referendum to free German people of "EU slavery" in the wake of Britain's sensational decision to cut ties with Brussels. 

Frauke Petry is calling for a German EU referendum GETTY

Frauke Petry is calling for a German EU referendum 

Far right figures in Alternative for Germany have promised to call their own vote if they clutch power in country's general election in autumn next year. 

A party spokesman branded Brussels a "bureaucracy monster", before adding: "Next year the AfD will enter the German parliament and Dexit will be top on our agenda". 

They called the vote a Dexit as it stands for a Deutschland exit from the EU.

Eurosceptism has swept across the continent after the people of Britain backed Brexit in the historic EU referendum on June 23.

Next year the AfD will enter the German parliament and Dexit will be top on our agenda 

Alternative for Germany 

AfD chairman Bjorn Hocke said: "I know the German people want to be free of EU slavery." 

George Pazderski of Berlin AfD Berlin AfD added: "Germans must decided on staying in the EU.

"The AfD is the only part which speaks out clearly in favour of them deciding." 

Party leader Frauke Petry, who caused controversy earlier this year when she called on German police to open fire on illegal immigrations, reacted with delight at Britain's decision to sever ties with Brussels.

She said: "This is the chance for a new Europe, one which maintains partnerships and respected national sovereignties.

"The Great Britain decision to leave the EU is a signal to the Brussels Politburo and its bureaucratic attachments. If the EU does not finally leave its wrong path, and the quasi-socialist experiment of deeper political integration, more European Nations will reclaim their sovereignty the way British are

Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel addresses a press conference at EU summitPA

Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel addresses a press conference at EU summit

Brexit has fuelled a rise in eurosceptism GETTY

Brexit has fuelled a rise in eurosceptism

"The result would be more exits. At the very least the Brussels bureaucracy must be radically reduced and the centralist regulation craze ended.

"The time is ripe for a new Europe, a Europe of fatherlands, where we peacefully trade with each other, maintain partnerships and respect the will of the national sovereignties.

"One can only warn the German government not to fill the missing British net contribution with German tax money and thus continue the political fallacy."

However a chance of a German EU referendum may not be that simple. 

The experience of Nazi manipulation of plebiscites has left a dent in the trust of polls on a national scale. 

The country's post-war constitution currently only allows for referendums if the constitution itself or the territories of the states making ip the republic are to be reformed.

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Shocking Luo Traditions Hampering Rescue Operations Of Drowned Musicians

BY  • 

JUNE 28, 2016 

LAKE-VICTORIA-TRAGEDYDivers managing the rescue operation of the nine musicians who drowned in Lake Victoria on Saturday have complained of the local traditions as one of the biggest challenges they are facing in the rescue operation.

Operations like making the person who found the body tie it to the shore instead of calling for support are some of the hindrances the the divers are raising concern about.

Here are some of the traditions that the area locals are observing following the death of the musicians.


1.The four who survived the tragedy that occurred in Lake Victoria on Saturday night were not allowed to go home but spend the cold night on the beach as tradition dictates.

2. As the search of the nine members of the band who perished continued, the survivors the bodies recovered will however stay on the shore of the lake until the remaining eight bodies are found, in line with local traditions.

3. no one is allowed to cry before all the bodies are retrieved for fear of “barring the remaining bodies from being found”.

4. When one dies in the lake, his or her family members camp at the spot until the body is retrieved. This takes between three days and one week depending on whether the one who drowned was in good terms with the family.

5. In case one bumps into a body in the lake or on the shore, traditions require that you look for a rope and tie it on the shore before informing members of the family. If one fails to do so, this might haunt him or her forever, unless some rituals are performed. The person is required to accompany the bereaved family to their home where a goat or a chicken is given for cleansing.

Sunday, 26 June 2016

The UK Splitting From The European Union Is Predicted In Bible Prophecy And Is Victory For God. Examining What Lays Ahead

by  on June 24, 2016  


By Walid Shoebat

The red crucifix of the UK emerging out of the EU’s flag of stars in a circle is a great sight to see. Britain’s exit costs the EU one of its wealthiest members and one of its biggest military powers is a sign that the Bible is true’ God ordained nationalism for a reason to keep evil in check. What happens next is not anyone’s guess. In fact it is easily predictable. Prime Minister David Cameron who cyber-rattled against Donald Trump has already announced he will resign after failing to convince voters to stay in the union.

Conservative politicians in France, the Netherlands and other EU member states are calling for similar votes in their countries. Prophecy has already etched the future of Europe as we shall further explain. You do not have to monitor the media which falsely predicted that the UK will remain in order to understand that God’s ways is not man’s.

But first, the EU is weighed down with economic and Muslim migration crises which as we accurately predicted will play a major factor resulting in the Euroskeptic defeating the Eurocentric in the UK. Europe converting to Islam as many predicted is out the window.

The trend we predicted has begun and the clock is turning in reverse of what many falsely predicted.

In the U.S. it will be Trump’s victory of Americanism vs. Hillary’s Globalism. Prophecy teachers for decades were dead wrong on the EU. They spoke of the European Common Market controlling the ‘buying and selling,’ that the EU is “the revived Roman Empire”, that the Eurocentric and the globalist one-world-government was this coming Antichrist, that the single European currency will become the standard, that the Treaty of Rome with all the nonsense will control the world … they were all dead wrong.

In the last three months we saw this coming and pre warned with several detailed articles encouraging you to ignore the false information and to focus on the Euroskeptic defeating the Eurocentric. In the UK, this is exactly what happened and in March we predicted:

“The European Union will first disintegrate as we see this is beginning to happen”.

And on April 3rd, we asked you to focus on the key biblical component:

Evil always starts with abandonment of nationalism(reverse to what God did at Babel) and ends by nationalism(aversion from Babel) and the reversion to nationalism was what brought the Ottoman Empire to collapse as we have seen with the Communist and every other evil empire. It all starts in Genesis and ends in Genesis where the war is between the seed of the woman and the seed of satan is reversed and Babel retreats.

Keeping these principles is key to stop believing in the success of a one world order and we see Europe  reverting to nationalism which will eventually defeat globalism’s European Union, while the Muslim is reverting back to Babel attempting a one world language, one world religion (Islam) and one world government (Sharia).

God’s refinement is by reversing the Babel effect where the two (reverse as in Euroskeptic and unite as in Eurocentric) are colliding together. The Euroskeptic results from the massive Muslim locust invasion and the falling away results in Eurocentric.


Even the polls were dead wrong as we predicted. Investors wrongly hedged their bets on polls showing a narrow lead for the ‘Remain in the EU’. Political analyst Peter Kellner, a former president of YouGov, predicted Remain would win by 8.5 per cent on Thursday. Populus had also previously put Remain ahead by 10 points at 55%, against 45% for leaving the EU. Ipsos Mori, for the Evening Standard gave remain a four-point lead at 52%, against 48%. They all predicted the UK will remain in the EU and they were dead wrong.

If polls underestimated right-wing support in the U.K., they could very well be miscalculating it in the U.S. As Bill Kristol said “if polls show Clinton up 5, could Trump be even?”


Polls can be wrong when people vote. When it comes to nationalism, jobs, economy, Trump leads Hillary. Europe is now clinging to nationalism. In April we predicted it warning:

Europe will bust and as the local election in the UK draws near in two weeks on May 5th 2016, the European Union gets closer to the explosion where it enters a crisis level getting us closer to what prophecy foretold.

Indeed, Europe plays a role in end-times, but not as you have been taught in the last few decades and this will not happen quick. This splitting process alongside Muslim unification process will take years and will not happen overnight and will be the subject of the news in the next decade or so. Christ is not returning in 2016 or 2018.

The prophetic question many failed to ask is this: if a one world government is to take place or a European Union is to control the entire continent, how then will God “divide the nations”? How then will “nation war against nation, kingdom against kingdom” and how will God “divide the nations” “sheep from goats”?

For decades people ignored these key verses and have been fed hype about a single currency. Europe in the next decade will face splits galore. Scotland last year forgot the history of William Wallace and voted to remain with the UK to gain benefits breast-feeding from the EU’s udder, and now that the tit is dry they too are entertaining a split from the UK itself.


The U.K. Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said the Scottish National Party would seek to hold a new referendum on secession. Sinn Fein, Northern Ireland’s second-largest party, renewed its calls for a vote there on leaving the U.K. and joining the Republic of Ireland.

Even in Spain, the Spanish want to control the key entry between Muslim north Africa to Europe, the Gibraltar. As soon the the UK voted to split from the EU, Spain’s Foreign Minister, Jose Manuel Garcia-Margallo, stated: 

“I hope the formula of co-sovereignity – to be clear, the Spanish flag on the Rock [Gibraltar]– is much closer than before”.

And Germany’s right wing party too wants to split the E.U. saying: “France and southern EU states – PortugalSpainItaly and Greeceamong them – to be banished from Eurozone, as they lack “cultures of stability” like Germany’s.”

So its time to revive my previous article I wrote a month ago to remind you why I insisted on writing on Europe. Few examine prophecies that predict a split in Europe (explained here in detail). Even in Belgium itself, the central headquarters of the EU, there are prophecies that speak of regions like Wallonia which comprise 55% of Belgium and prophecies of civil struggles between Northern and Southern Europe where Germany will turn against France and we have seen official statements coming from Germany’s AfD Alexander Gauland which confirm these predictions.

We are beginning to see the signs of a future split in Europe, even states within states, separating between sheep and goat nations where France, parts of Italy, Spain and Portugal will be destined as sheep nations, while Germany, the Netherlands, Finland and the Baltic states or major parts of these will remain liberal and anti-God to be destined as goat nations. Austria could go sheep or goat, we do not know.

And if in doubt that these prophecies are just archaic fairytale, just look at what Germany’s Gauland said last month:

“We [Germany] can have a common currency with the NetherlandsAustriaFinland or Baltic states. They have similar cultures of stability like ours, but the French have a different one, not to mention the ItaliansSpaniardsPortuguese and Greeks. They don’t want austerity at all.”

The remarks made by the AfD deputy leader Alexander Gauland and party’s federal spokesman and co-leader Joerg Meuthen in the interview to German Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung says it all.

And just in case you still persist in your view that south splitting from north as religious folktale, here is one major secular strategist,  Stratfor’s renown George Friedman, just last month, he says that France will break up with Germany and will lead a “Mediterranean bloc”:

Alternatively, France could become the leader of a Mediterranean blocsplitting the eurozone in two (with a “northern euro” and a “southern euro“) or reinstating separate national currencies.

And if Christ “goes with the whirlwinds of the south,” as Zechariah 9:13 predicted, in Europe, it will be the same, where south will go against north.

And while many focus on Germany’s Merkel lack of popularity, this matters little. Even if Germany be ruled by the right like the AfD or by Merkel, the writing is on the wall; Germany wants to rule the EU and wants some European states to leave while it cuddles up to the goat nation of Turkey getting further from what will become the sheep nation of France. Alexander Gauland added that it was good for Paris to share the common currency, “but if it will not or cannot afford that economically, then one must find other structures.”

What other structures? Besides the coming split between Germany and France, recent reports show that German Air Force is reportedly having its own section at the Turkish Incirlik Air Base regardless that Turkey has gone to such low that it is now refusing entry to any foreign journalists and they are doing it without providing any explanation for its actions.

The Muslim immigration has played the agent for a major shift in Europe. Even in Austria reports reveal:

“The migrant crisis has divided the country and, in a major U-turn, the government, who initially backed ’s open-door policy, shut Austria’s borders.”

Things are shifting in Austria where the conservative right are gaining momentum:

“Norbert Hofer, the candidate for Austria’s right-wing Freedom Party (FPÖ), won 36.4 per cent of the vote”.

Is it possible that Germany resorted to its historic evils and have brought in the Muslim immigrants to create a shift? The leading power in Austria are “anti-immigrant and anti-European Union”. Austria is now even mimicking the U.S. where “gun ownership has been on the rise in Austria” as result of Muslim immigration. Showing the far right’s growing confidence in Europe, , leader of France’s National Front, hailed a “beautiful result”, writing on Twitter: “Bravo to the Austrian people”. FPÖ leader Heinz-Christian Strache said:

“This is the beginning of a new political era. Today political history is being written in Austria.”

We have been telling you this before. Even in the U.S. from when Donald Trump first announced his desire to run with as low as 4% approval, we went against the tide and accurately predicted his riseover a year ago. Westerners get super tired of traditional parties.

Hope is on the horizon, but this will take a decade or so and will not be easy.

And in France, which is the Eurozone’s second-biggest economy, bested only by Germany, it has been struggling to reduce both its national debt and an unemployment rate of 10.2 percent. French President Francois Hollande’s latest labor reforms were not met with enthusiasm in the country, which has seen a wave of violent protests rolling through Paris, Nantes and other cities.

In France, one of our main focus nations, French voters, like in the U.S. are also disenchanted with traditional political parties setting the course of the country’s future and that of splitting from the European Union as a whole.


It will take several years for sheep nations to split from goat nations. While the splits begin as result of national interest, it will take time and much turmoil to revive its Christian spirit which will only happen as gold is refined–through fire. This fire will be an internal revolution with Islam. It was France that was the forerunners to the European Union. The French however are stiff-necked and always guarded their national sovereignty’s jealously rejecting initiatives that could weaken France’s autonomy refusing to create a European Defense Community.

One nation out of several, that the wise French Yves Dupont, the collector of saintly prophecies after studying volumes from reputable saints said that it will be from “France that the Great King, according to all prophecies, will begin his work” to defeat the invasion from Hagar (Islam):

“… Then will the people of the half-moon of the tribe of Agar … will stay three years destroying everything.  Yet, in the third year, will one of the unconquerable Eagles who reigns over the enlightened nation between the Rhine and the North Sea” [France].
“Revolution will break out in Italy almost at the same time as in France.  For some time, the Church will be without a Pope.  England, too, will have much to suffer”

Even Ezekiel speaks of “the young lions” (from Europe and the U.S.) speaking out against Gog (Ezekiel 38:13). One must wonder why God gave us types of fulfillment in past history to be replicated in the coming war with Islam when France under Charles Martel (the Hammer), who stopped Abdul-Rahman Al-Ghafiqi at the battle of Pottier. Christianity, like the Old Testament is not void of the heroism of the older hammer, the Maccabees (Maccabee literally means ‘hammer’). Christianity is the continuation of true Judaism all with its heroic action. The Church is not just singing hymnals.


This will be repeated when “Hagar/Agar” as Monk Hilarion predicted, will rise again. John also predicted as well in Revelations, with the “wounded beast,” and for over three years (as Daniel also predicted) will rain hell on earth to desecrate the Christian Communion.

France is concerned about the political influence that its neighbor’s economic power Germany has yielded after the eurozone crisis especially that Germany has become Europe’s political beacon.

But despite Germany’s rise, France is still a fundamentally wealthy nation whose global reach knows no rival in Europe and is blessed to have some of the highest birthrates in Europe and in time it will probably have the largest population on the Continent. God is planning this for a reason.

And with the largest Muslim community in Western Europe, France will soon explode into nationalism and bloody civil unrest as a reaction to the role of Muslims in Europe. And as Germany will keep relations with Turkey, and if and when the E.U under Germany receives Turkey with open arms, this will flood whatever is left of the E.U with Muslim immigration where Germany eventually will elect a clandestine Muslim Obama type just as we had in the U.S.

As the bridge between Northern and Southern Europe falls, France will continue to play an important role on the Continent. Why France is crucial is that France is the bridge between northern Europe and southern Europe just as Turkey (the gatekeeper to the Black and Mediterranean seas) is the bridge between Asia and Europe.



And as we see Muslim immigration into the western promised land splitting southern Europe from northern, France becomes a key player since without it, there cannot be a unified Europe.

France is the focus of so many predictions where it will face Germany. This will start by an Obama like-figure elected in Germany. This is not far-fetched. Who would have ever dreamt that the most powerful nation on earth would be ruled by a clandestine Muslim named Barack son of Hussein bin Obama who was well disguised as Christian? The Muslims have caught up with this brilliant tactic and a repeat of this could happen in Germany. In fact, it is etched in an Old Saxon prediction which talks of an Obama-like figure who claims Christianity yet he is a Turk and will rule Germany while France will refine to combat this axis of evil:

“The Dog shall enter Germany but shall afterwards forsake his master and choose for himself a new man, whereby Scripture shall be fulfilled. This Dog shall signify the Turkwhich shall forsake his Mohammed and choose unto him the name Christian, which is a sign the day of doom is at hand, when all the earth is subject unto God, or that all people acknowledge one only God. The Fleur-de-Lys (lily) and France shall live long at variance, but at last agree. Then shall the clear Word spring forth and flourish throughout the world.”

What the signs tell us from the news are the same signs that are showing from prophecy. France has so many saints predict will rise to shine while Germany will collaborate with the Muslim as they did in the days of the Calvinists and later with Hitler.

So will the European Union collapse?
No. It will shift. Thank God for France’s stiff-neckedness refusing to accept German leadership. Germany will become more belligerent and outspoken and much less willing to compromise on matters of Muslim immigration and EU integration while France will oppose. Turkey will use European anxiety with Muslim migrant flows to reinforce its foothold in Europe, especially with Germany as it did in the past.

And since France and Germany are the two pillars of the European Union, with France’s distancing itself, this will force Germany to seek another pillar: Turkey.

Germany is not conservative and even the conservatives there are no answer wanting France, Italy and Spain to split, while on the other hand, Merkel runs an oxymoron: a Protestant Christian Democratic Union. 

This is why we must not be enamored when we read labels that have “Christian”. Christ in Matthew 25 is dividing Christendom sheep from goat nations. The goats will also claim to be Christian.

Therefore, we as true Christians must choose wisely as we see the tug everywhere. As we will soon see in the next coming years, the Franco‐German relationship showing signs of cracking, this Germany will then soon bring this new ally Turkey where we will see the axis of evil: the Antichrist.

So whatever remains of the European Union will cause Turkey to become the catapult for Muslim immigration to further flood Christendom’s sons of Sarah with Islamdom’s sons of Hagar.

France, which will be a sheep nation, shares ideals in common with Italy and Spain where they will shed liberalism while Germany will become darker by the day. And if in doubt, and you have ample time on your hands, study our careful analysis of Germany by clicking here.


During World War II, Turkey’s security had entered a critical period once Germany occupied Bulgaria in February of 1941. However, Hitler’s real target was Russia and, announcing that he would not be attacking Turkey, Hitler called upon Ankara to sign a non-aggression pact. Once the Turkish government agreed to the offer to ward off Germany, a non-aggression pact was signed between the two countries on June 18, 1941.


Example above, one can easily see above how fast the right is growing in France’s elections. In 2011 the pink  color was the left  and in 2015 the right (blue) is overwhelming.

If one follows these prophecies, Belgium will split, north Italy from southern Italy, Spain could also have a split which it is already doing as I write. In Europe Separatism and Regionalism is a growing phenomenon. Europe’s artificial construct and the French aren’t so keen on Germans telling them it’s time to lose their sovereignty. Many European states reject Germany’s control with its Baltic and European sidekicks.

The way prophecy works is simple. Nationalism is God made planed right after the Tower of Babel stopping any One World Order attempts. The Italians, Spaniards, Portuguese and even the English are feeling enormous closeness to Tsipras of Greece where northern Europe is polarized against southern Europe.

The French sociologist and political scientist at the National Institute of Demographic Studies in Paris, Emmanuel Todd, probably one of the highest authorities on the subject states:

“The political strongholds of the German Social Democrats are in the Protestant regions of Germany. They are even further to the north, even more antagonistic toward the “merry-go-round Catholics” of the continent’s south. In the end, what it comes down to is not at all a left-right conflict, it is a cultural conflict as ancient as Europe itself … On the other side there is the Europe that is more inclined toward the Lutheran world; which is the world of two-thirds of Germany, most of the Baltic and Scandinavian countries, and you might add to it the Polish sidekick; even though Poland is Catholic, it never belonged to the Roman Empire. Really, what is surfacing is something extraordinarily deep.” 

There will be splits even within states. Today we have Catalonia, which is fighting for its sovereignty from Spain. This is no longer theory or just unfulfilled prophecy but is already in process. In September of 2015, the coalition of regional separatists won in the elections to the regional parliament. (62 places out of 135). In November, the parliament of Catalonia accepted the resolution of independence of Catalonia from Spain (according to the resolution, within 18 months Catalonia will secede from Spain, during this 18 months the necessary government structures of a new state will be created in Catalonia and a new constitution will be written).


In Italy the “Lega Nord” party, since 1994, are anti-American pro-Russia which has been fighting for the independence of the north regions from the south. The United States push for nations to be under NATO has a backlash in nations like Serbia which fears American and Turkish influence from NATO.

When these prophecies are examined a few years ago, no one would have imagined that in the future, ancient bloodlines will cling together. And this will not only be in Europe. Turkey will cling to Iran for half of Iran are Azeri Turks. How else will Ezekiel 38 be fulfilled with Turkey and Persia uniting? Russian-Iranian relations are begging to distance while Arian Iran will cling with Arian Germany so that God will fulfill His Coming Chastisement.

The prophecies (explained here and here) tell us that:

“revolution will spread to every French town”.  “Wholesale slaughter will take place. This revolution will last only a few months but it will be frightful, blood will flow everywhere because the malice of the wicked will reach its highest pitch. Victims will be innumerable.  Paris will look like a slaughter-house. Persecutions against the Church will be even greater but it will not last long…” (The Ecstatic of Tours, a nun from Tours, France where her prophecies were published in 1882)

France has a high population of Muslims. When the Roman Empire was seized by the Ottoman when Constantinople fell in 1453 AD, this according to Islam fulfilled Muslim prophecy when they say “first Constantinople” (in Muslim view on their version of prophecy) and now comes “then Rome”, this will be the second seize of Europe itself through the “flood” “from the mouth of the red dragon” (Turkey) spoken of by St. John in Revelation 11-12. Who would have dreamt this two decades ago when we told you it will happen in the coming future and now we see the signs?

Many prophecy enthusiasts await a rebuilt temple in Jerusalem by Israel. What many of these miss are prophecies by the ancient church. St. Hippolytus as far back as 236 AD, said:

“Christ showed His flesh as a Temple, and raised it up on the third day; and he, too, will raise up again the Temple of stone in Jerusalem.”

It is “Christ” who will build a temple in Jerusalem and not the Tribulation Jews as commonly thought.

It is time to abandon popular chatter. For now, it is the body that is the temple which Antichrist desecrates by imposing a mark on the “wing of the temple” (Christian body) which is the “right shoulder” marking it with the standard of Islam.


See right shoulder with the mark of Islam

We should not take these prophecies lightly. St. Hippolytus’ grandfather who was old enough to remember the Apostle John who wrote of the Antichrist “The Great Gaulish Monarch, who shall subject all the East, shall come around the end of the world.”  He first subjects “all the east” (the Muslim). Many when they see “Gaulish” focus on central Europe (“Noric”) but the Gaulish also includes the Balkans, and Asia Minor (“Galatian”), that is Turkey.

Figuring out the sheep vs. goat nations can easily be estimated based on a nation’s atheism, liberalism, socialism, antisemitism and the sympathy for Islam. Germany, Netherlands, Estonia, Latvia, Ukraine are of the goats while France, parts of Italy and parts of Spain are sheep.

God is in the business of doing amazing things that goes contrary to the efforts of man no matter how much you think they are succeeding. While France is weaker than Germany and the north is stronger than the south, here comes God Who says otherwise:

But the foolish things of the world hath God chosen, that he may confound the wise; and the weak things of the world hath God chosen, that he may confound the strong.

Think in reverse of the world and the media and you will get it right. Do not abandon the things of the old. Refinement takes time and is done through fire. Be patient for one day you will worship in the ancient languages: Hebrew, Greek and Latin. Even the hymns of old will revive and one day you will admire this: